About Me

Felix 'Crown' Adebayo, an award-winning media mogul, AI enthusiast, and Educator, is a beacon of innovation in the creative sphere.

His mission, born from a steadfast dedication to photography, is to remove restrictions on creativity by capturing the personality and natural essence of clients in the most secure and trustworthy settings.

His vision? To be the first choice in creative professional photography services, inspire young, vibrant photographers to pursue their dreams, and redefine the industry’s standard of photography.

Born in llesa, Osun state, Felix embarked on a journey through Agricultural Economics at the University Of Ibadan, which indirectly led him to his true passion – photography. During his National Youth Service Corp in 2016, his love for media and photography steered him towards a new path, which he has been blazing ever since. His media establishment, Felix Crown Fotografi, is a testament to his dedication and craft.

Felix Crown's creative excellence is recognized by industry leaders and peers alike. He was honored at the African Choice Awards 2021, where he emerged as the Best Photographer. His name, talent, and excellent work precede him, opening doors for numerous business opportunities and collaborations.